Over 2700 years ago a large university existed in ancient India (now Pakistan) where over 10,500 students from all over the globe came here for higher studies.

This was the TakshaShila university of ancient India. During its times this university was the IIT and MIT of the world, where the students from all across the world used to come and attain specialization in over 64 different fields of study like vedas, grammar, philosophy, ayurveda, agriculture, surgery, politics, archery, warfare, astronomy, commerce, futurology, music, dance, etc. There were even curious subjects like the art of discovering hidden treasure, decrypting encrypted messages, etc

Students were admitted to this university at the age of 16 after they had completed their basic education in their local institutions. Every single graduate who passed out of this university would become a well sought after scholar all across the subcontinent!, seems 2 in 3 applications where rejected.

Admission into this university was purely based on merit. The students would opt for electives and then would do indepth study and research into their field of choice.

Video Source – Great Ancient History Channel -YouTube

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